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Default Secret Evil Compound, Quarry Rd, Pitt Lake Hike

Who's up for finding out what is REALLY going on up there. With all that secrecy and security, it can't be good. Must be evil. Maybe Dr. Evil? Here is what I may or may not have seen up there:

1. Many extremely harsh No Tresspassing signs at the gate and past it, all along the road, towards the compound by the lake.

2. Road has a control point (like a border crossing) at the mysterious compound, complete with bullet-proof glass booth, gate, and flood lights. Why would they need all that with so little traffic on the road?

3. Huge compound with many out-buildings, all with flood lights at night.

4. Roving, and possibly armed, patrols on the roads, even at night, that charge all hikers with tresspassing and escort them to the police.

We go at night, infra-red, camouflage, black-ops. Cameras, zoom lenses, video, hand signals, the works.

Who is with me?

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