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Default Name my dog!!!

After many months of tough negotiations I have finally been convinced/manipulated/swindled into getting a friend for our miniature schnauzer, Molly. We will be getting "him" (I need more males in the house as we are currently out-numbered 4-2) in mid-March, and have yet to pick a name. This is where I need your help.
The type of dog is an Airedale terrier. (Excellent hiking dogs.)

Please limit your entries to three per person, and state why you feel that is the best name for my hiking dog.
You make pick the prize of your choice. (All are out of print.)

I'll be announcing the winner in early March.
Good Luck to All.

Update for Sunday, March 20.2005.
We spent most of Friday driving (occasionally in snow) to Vernon and back to fetch our pup. He (and we) arrived home safe to a group of very excited kids.
Here are a couple of pictures.

I thank all of you who participated in the "Name my Dog...Win a Prize" contest. There were names suggested, and much contemplation was given to many of them. In the end we chose a name not suggested from CT, but rather a name in keeping with my Dutch heritage. (No Shadee, I did not name it "Gouda")
Sooo... the prizes.
I will give my top three favorites each a prize.
#1...n4cer...Winston was in the running till the end.
#2...marc...I have to give you credit for "Askim" from an earlier thread (sorry Tim). I thought this would be wife, however, failed to see the humour in this.
#3...Shadee...Dee-oh-gee. However clever, it doesn't have a nice ring when yelled across a back-country campsite.

To the winners...please e-mail me your first, second, and third choice for the books, along with an address that I can mail it to, and you should have it by next week. (This Friday is a holiday.)
Thanks Again to All.
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