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Originally Posted by John and Katie
We took zeljkok's advice and finally checked out DePencier Bluffs. That whole side is new to us. We started down below at the Deep Cove Lookout trailhead, visited Goldie Lake, DePencier Bluffs, and then Mystery Lake. Beautiful trail and forest. We both really enjoyed that too. Especially Katie...she didn't need my help with anything. : )

Very glad to hear that even after >6yrs I've been off the Coast my comment can inspire someone like J&K for a trip. I also did it from Deep Cove Lookout at a time, Goldie,Mystery and all.

Envious about Strachan. Love that loop. Must try to do it somehow this Oct when colors are changing, fav spot on North Shore

Katie game face on as always. Or is it sardines
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