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Alright, here's my first attempt to upload photos from my phone and then edit on the desktop. So far so good.

I'm starting to get back into pretty good shape and hiking about once or twice a week. I'd done Webb before but not MacDonald so thought why not cross this one off my list. I still haven't fixed my bike so only have gears 7, 14 and 21. Gear 7 would have to do as I really like using the bike to reduce the approach time (only about 3km in this case). I'm clearly not in Spectrum's league yet [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/ClubTread_2014/smilies/tango_face_wink.png[/IMG]

Mt. MacDonald (or MacDonald Peak according to AllTrails) is 21.6 km return with an elevation gain of 1769m. The trail up to Radium Lake has similar stats as up to Pierce Lake. About two hours to Radium / Lower Pierce Lake, and another hour to the col / Upper Pierce Lake.

Here's Radium Lake. It's actually more like a pond. Didn't see any fish rising.

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Took me 1h55m to the lake, another 45m to the col, and an 1h thereafter to the peak. Total time 3h40m. Views up there are incredible. You can see everything from the Cheam Range to Bear, Redoubt, Nodoubt, Border Peaks, Shuksan, Baker, Ears, Robie Reid, Howay, and the Chehalis Range. You could probably see more if it wasn't so hazy. We really need some rain soon.

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Mt. Lindeman due south.

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Rexford from the back side. The long Northeast ridge (the one on the right) is very appealing.

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Here's me on the summit. Lots of flying bugs around right on the top for some strange reason; a phenomenon I've encountered on at least one other summit in the Chilliwack River Valley.

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I haven't seen a large toad like this in a long time and I just had to pick him up. I used to see frogs galore when I was a kid hiking with my dad almost 50 years ago. Don't see to many nowadays.

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Nice view of Williams peak from along the trail. Not sure why the photo is sideways as it was correct on my phone.

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On the way up I was moving almost all the time with hardly any breaks, so was pretty spent by the top. No surprise then that the descent time was almost the same as ascent.

All in all a nice hike with some decent scrambling. A bit longer than Webb but more enjoyable mainly due to all the loose gravel on Webb as I remember it.
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