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Originally Posted by xj6response View Post
The intrepid Katie.

Your posts are a wonderful collection of stories. It would be really cool to see them all bound together in one volume with each story as a separate chapter. The narrative, the charm of Katie and the beautiful pics... much better than any calendar.
Thank you. All very kind words.

Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
John: Elsay rock slide is not cakewalk equally for 4-legged or 2-legged pets, and that whole loop is very demanding; Katie did fantastic. Regarding her slowly deteriorating health - as you said, it is nothing unexpected & she still has wonderful life, thanks to you. My only comment is: When the day eventually comes, please don't let her suffer, if you know what I mean. It will be hard on you, but you'll be doing her a favor. My friend had a dog he loved to death, I hiked once with them & we both laughed watching her chasing rabbits, then coming back with sheepish look in her eyes because she couldn't get any. Eventually she lost control of her bladder and hind legs; she was looking with that pleading look "Help me", but nothing could be done. This won't happen for several years for Katie though & we'll all still be enjoying her continuous outdoor adventures.

Go Katie
Thanks. Yes, not the easiest of trails even without the boulder field. It was quite the change. Usually I didn't have a worry in world through them. She always did her own thing and went her own way, and I went mine.
Anyway, don't worry about when the time comes. I've gone through the senior dog years many times and I'm not one to watch them be unhappy. Thanks again, guys.
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