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John: Elsay rock slide is not cakewalk equally for 4-legged or 2-legged pets, and that whole loop is very demanding; Katie did fantastic. Regarding her slowly deteriorating health - as you said, it is nothing unexpected & she still has wonderful life, thanks to you. My only comment is: When the day eventually comes, please don't let her suffer, if you know what I mean. It will be hard on you, but you'll be doing her a favor. My friend had a dog he loved to death, I hiked once with them & we both laughed watching her chasing rabbits, then coming back with sheepish look in her eyes because she couldn't get any. Eventually she lost control of her bladder and hind legs; she was looking with that pleading look "Help me", but nothing could be done. This won't happen for several years for Katie though & we'll all still be enjoying her continuous outdoor adventures.

Go Katie
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