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Havent been up that back route to Coliseum in a couple of years since bike-hiking Cathedral. Alot of evidence of bears around Paton lookout every time I go there, tons of blueberries. I can see it for the winter I guess. I used to do flagging on sketchy trails(like in the Forbidden zone) but Im very careful about doing it now. The problem becomes when you become off the trail and you start flagging in case you have to backtrack. Then you come back to the proper trail and those errant flags are still there to confuse someone else. At the end of daylight you start to get nervous and chasing around, following bad flags. I would say nowadays with GPS phone navigation the North shore and all local mts. are all mapped as long as you have battery! I always pack the North Shore-Howe Sound trails map with a roamers compass( and knowing how to use them) as a backup. I also have an old school barometric-pressure altimeter watch which works surprisingly well. The key to these type of altimeter device I have found is to calibrate it on the day you go ( reads % of moisture in the air which decreases as you go higher) using a known elevation.

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