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Originally Posted by John and Katie View Post
I feels so bad thinking back to this. I really should go back and clean them up....

Not to make you feel better, but small episode I took part of when I was on the Coast

It was NSH D trip - with some really well known people, outdoor veterans, up Tetrahedron on Sunshine Coast. I was just following, well I am Rockies guy, these people know Coast better. We got lost, bushwhack, somehow found the way. Then on descent "Let's go this way, looks good". One of these guys, well known name I am not going to mention on purpose, just starts flagging. We don't even know if we are going in right direction, but he is flagging like a machine. I ask "Do you know where we are going?" Answer: "not really". "Why are you flagging then?" Answer: "Out of habbit".

So there you have it. There are many levels why flagging, although extremely helpful in general, can be wrong: 1) Pointing in wrong direction 2) Pure pollution - such as Colisuem/Burwell where no flagging is really necessary
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