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Trail is fairly busy but there will be extended parts when you will be on your own. Cherish these moments of solitude; there is nothing more annoying in nature than human voice. Bears are bears and in Canadian Rockies they can be encountered just about everywhere, not only in back-country.

On my Rockwall trip, also solo, I've seen griz on Wolverine Pass. This pic was taken 1min before; it was feeding on these slopes to the right, out of pic. It knew I was there & could not care less

Make noise, watch for signs (scat, tracks, etc.) and most importantly do not be afraid because you are just psyching yourself and will not enjoy the trip. Chances are slim you will see the bear; consider yourself lucky if you do. Bigger objective hazard are porcupines; at Floe camp it came overnight and chomped my sandal left in tent fly.

Detail report of my trip you might find usefl, with itinerary almost coinciding to yours here
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