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These new rules make no sense. Bonnie Henry, or some other spokesperson from government, I can't remember which, said the other day that we should (or could, can't remember the exact word) go camping. But only in our region; don't go too far. I'm having a very hard time understanding the logic here. If Covid is everywhere (save a few isolated small communities) then restricting wider travel makes no difference to overall Covid spread since statistically, every person who brings it outside of their region is countered by someone bringing it the other way. Why am I not at risk of spreading Covid while camping locally but I am if I drive 500 km to go camping?

The way to clamp down on Covid transmission is to lock down our liberties on the local level. Not that I'm advocating that, but I can at least follow the logic. Maybe we aren't supposed to question her logic; just follow her orders.

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