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Originally Posted by Spectrum View Post
So aside from working on finishing the Scrambles book which I can't do much until the snowline rises, and working on the Top 51 SWBC Prominent Peaks list there is the P600m Prominence list which is so long it is never attainable to finish in a lifetime.

There will be a point when you will realize how chasing lists and summits is pointless. First you can never get them all, and second and more important is that by chasing lists you are so focused on destination that you don't enjoy or even notice the journey. You have Song, think youngest ever to complete list of 11000' in Rockies; this is mind numbing achievement that demands nothing but utmost respect, but I doubt he enjoyed any of it. I've been to many areas he used for approach; these are places of utmost beauty you can simply sit and spend whole day being happy and doing nothing, yet he labels them as "boring" and "slogs" because of blind chase to put another notch in his belt

I was chasing Kane list (same as Gunn, but for Rockies) at a time; I stopped about 2/3 of the way when I realized this. Or to put it the other way: I find visit to Table Meadows and circumventing Garibaldi Lake much more rewarding outdoor experience than suffering trash up Helm peak, just because Helm is in Scrambles book. You are not there now, but you will be. Song might never though, unless he first climbs all the peaks on the planet

Great report, as always
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