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Originally Posted by Longwalk View Post

Here's 90% of the population adhering to the Provincial health orders, but a defiant renegade bunch of petulant children are making this drag on forever and ever.

That was, and will always be the case; not just in BC and not just in case pandemic, but everything. Vast majority plays by the rules, but pays for minority that has no concern for anyone but their own agenda. Trailhead car break-ins, Squamish Gondola vandalism, etc etc. Carrot doesn't help here, only the stick, and a long one at that. Sometimes there is too much so called democracy in western culture

That being said, there are also very responsible examples in so called 'problem age group'. The other day I sold piece of furniture I didn't need anymore. Posted online, young couple late 20's responded. Showed up to see it, both wearing masks. This is small town with just a handful or cases & I told them they don't have to wear mask as far as I am concerned. But they did the whole time; we just bumped elbows at the end.

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