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Originally Posted by esmeadows View Post

6 hours to the top of Northover Ridge? "Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies" is a great book, but all they want is views! When you get there it's all rocks! Everything looks the same, except for the snow pitifully struggling to survive in the cold dark shadows. Want a drink? Melt snow, sucker! Sweet misery as you hunker down to keep from being blown over a 300m precipice by the 80 kph winds. Enjoy! :-)

This is one of most misguided statements I've heard in my life. But I agree with you: To each their own, and there is room for everyone in the nature. I am sure you can find 1 person in a 1000, maybe even 2, that prefer boring forest walks to breathtaking aerial ridgetop views.

But this is conditions update thread, and not place for personal preference debate, so let's leave it there.
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