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Originally Posted by Spectrum View Post
So with the age of Clubtread dying and everyone kinda going into hiding and not alot of beta being shared there is the little group on Facebook called SWBC Peakbaggers and Mountain runners that I'm the admin of along with Tiger Lu and Dean Perez. Even though the community of peakbaggers is quite small a few groups have formed through Facebook and we all sometimes get out with one another and help share beta.

Just peeked at SWBC Peakbaggers & it is not that small -- says 1400 members

CT is not dying but except for few exceptions focus has indeed shifted from "hardcore simonc era" when beta that was posted here could not be found anywhere else. Yes there is lots "hide but still peek". This is because 99% of people in this world are followers; if something becomes not trendy, they cease participation in fear of going against the grain and not appearing cool. To each their own.
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