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trail head info:
BP intersection at a 90 deg right turn heading up. Go straight instead. around 475m elev
Sunset south: after slowly climbing horizontal to the right, trail head drops over a mossy boulder where the Sunset trail turns uphill to the left, about 515m
Sunset north: les than 5 minutes above the windfall that you have to crawl through, go around a big Douglas, and head left down the gulley, 450m
Erin Moore, as the trail leaves the old road onto the big scree field, head south on the road about 30m, trail head is on the left, 500 m

Russellcoffin, I really enjoy the Erin Moore. In fact, I met the builder (cant remember his name, John?) on Sunset once. His work inspired me to spend rainy days exploring and building trails.
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