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Originally Posted by hikeinBC View Post
I have my big 4 down to 8 pounds. Iíd like to get my sleeping bag weight cut in half and plan to get a katabatic quilt when I win the lottery. I decided I would carry a bear vault because Iím always above tree line in grizzly country and a canister is convenient and safe. It means I have to do all I can to offset the 2 xtra pounds. Is it worth the weight? I guess itís not worth it until a pushy bear strolls by.
I do recommend the Katabatic quilt. One thing I will say unless you are very slim person, get the wide size. I have the Palisade in regular size and even as a 180lb 6'-3" guy (thin) I find it borderline too narrow when the pad straps arent secured.

Other than that, its a fantastic purchase.
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