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This is the internet where you dont need much reason to give an opinion.

I would not want to be on the main highway (or at least what I call main) so that removes Golden, Revelstoke, Fernie. Which is too bad because the idea of being in Golden and its proximity to Banff is attractive.

I would not want to be in Nelson or Rossland. Nelson is quite nice and I like the lake but still its nothing special.

That leaves Kimberley and Invermere. They get short listed because of their proximity to the Rockies, the skiing, and the resort feel of the towns. Small enough that there is not much hustle and bustle. But big enough that you can get most things that you would want. Could even get a few acres just out of town and have a bit of a ranch. 1-2 hours to hot springs, golf, and skiing.

Difficult choice between the two. I have spent time in both. I really like Kimberley's look and had a really good summer there. But I give the nod to Invermere because its a bit closer to the Rockies and Hot Springs.

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