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After making a few enquiries to various government persons this is what I have gleaned regarding this pallet bridge crossing. The information is a bit dry but it goes to the matter that this pallet bridge is not an approved crossing and it shouldn’t be there. I am in no way suggesting that Black Mount Logging has put this crossing in the creek! I very much appreciate the work they do in keeping the roads in good condition for everyone to use; rather it is directed at the individuals(s) that have constructed this mess in the stream without any concern for the consequences of their actions.

1. Black Mount Logging is the holder of the road permit for Roe Creek road.

2. A road permit holder is allowed to maintain the road, construction and remove bridges without providing notice of such work to the government, but they are
required to follow the Forest and Range Practices Act.

3. A road permit holder when doing work around a stream can reference the FOREST SERVICE BRIDGE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION MANUAL for proper bridge
construction procedures. Section 3.3.3 Environmental Concerns states, “bridges and their associated works must be designed to comply with all established
environmental requirements. The design must include assessment of possible environmental effects due to bridge construction and must limit any adverse
effects to a practical minimum.

4. Under Water Sustainability Act it states, “it is an offence to put or allow debris to spill or fall into a stream or well at any time. Previously it was only an
offence to continue putting debris into a stream or well after being ordered to stop, but since the WSA came into effect on February 29, 2016, you may be
penalized for putting or allowing debris into the water."

5. The penalty for the above infraction it seems is a whopping $403.00.

If anyone has any information as to who the individual(s) were that put this debris into the stream they can make a report to the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.

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