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To help folks suggest something, are you looking for a loop hike? Point to point? If the latter, how much driving distance for a car spot are you willing to take on? Would you do an air charter, then walk out? Do you packraft?
I'm not local, but have viewed the North Boundary Trail hike - Rock Lake to Berg Lake and down to Mt Robson visitors center - on YouTube. It's within your time frame and generally requires some route finding (I gather) as winter storms re-thread stream beds.

HowseTheHike also has a video; he posts on these forums as well.

I will paste in a comment from Joey (MyOwnFrontier) on the trail, which can be found beneath his video. He suggests the North Boundary Trail can be used as a start to other routes as well:
The North Boundary trail is a pretty remote trail that doesn't see a whole lot of use. It was more forested than I was expecting, and had a lot of solitude. I loved several of the camps. We only saw 4 different groups of hikers until we got to Mount Robson Provincial Park, which is probably the most crowded trail around the area. We didn't see as much wildlife as I was expecting, but we did see tracks everywhere (wolf, bear, and elk). Several places reminded me a lot of Yellowstone's Thorofare. It had kind of the same feeling. And the wildlife is there, I ran into a bunch on a 2 week solo trip up into the Wilmore Wilderness a few days later, including spooking the same grizzly twice right by our first camp at Willow Creek. All of our creek crossings were easy, but that's not always the case, as those rivers fluctuate all the time. Blue Creek, which we crossed with ease on this trip, was uncross able higher up a few weeks later after storms. Knowing what I know now, I probably won't do the North Boundary Trail again in it's entirety like we did here. Instead I will use it sort of as a highway to access other areas. I'll leave it at that, there's a lot to see in this area, if you can figure it out. Jasper's a big place!
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