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Don't think that for a second I am down-playing the seriousness of this. I get extremely frustrated with those individuals who parade around without masks, proclaiming "I feel fine!" while totally ignorant to the concept that they might be carrying it and infecting others.
I've been following this thing since the beginning at although the death tolls are frightening, the fact remains that the AVERAGE recovery rate (at least here in Canada) has been hovering in the 80 percentile since mid-July.
These "recovery" numbers don't mention any long-term effects mind you so you can decide for yourself what to make of them.
To date, the BC infection rate is still below 1% of the total population and just over 1 % nationwide.

Another thing to remember is when they show the numbers on the News every night, this is the TOTAL number of cases since the whole thing started not the number of current infections. Some people get confused about that.

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