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Originally Posted by Longwalk View Post
But is it?
Donald Trump caught it and recovered within 4 days. How dangerous can a virus be when an overweight, 74 yr old male can get over it in less than a week?
The different expressions of the virus and great range in severity of the infection are of great interest to doctors.

A milder case may be the result of immune cells present from an earlier exposure to a related virus.
Here is the summary of an NIH article:

"--A study of blood samples taken before the COVID-19 pandemic showed that some people already had certain immune cells that recognize SARS-CoV-2.
"--These immune cells also reacted with coronaviruses that cause common colds.
"--The findings suggest that existing immune cells may help account for the wide range of symptoms experienced by people with COVID-19."
It is a horrible illness. Imagine cement coating your lungs for 3 months, and then you die anyway. If you live, you may have lifelong cognitive and neurological deficits.
Underlying factors increase risk but are not an infallible guarantee that one will acquire the disease.
Similarly, lack of underlying factors may decrease risk but does not guarantee one won't get it.

Scary is the new mutant form in UK with a possibly much greater transmissibility. Its recent appearance has thrown GB into tier 4, highest level of preventive protocols.

As for POTUS: he received an experimental drug cocktail not available to the likes of us. The White House has medical staff on hand, and there is a specialized suite in Walter Reed Military Medical Center with a limousine to convey pres there. By contrast, reg'lar folks have died of COVID-19 at home because they did not fit the disease profile at the time and so were not admitted to hospital.

Last summer -- 4 months ago -- I did not personally know anyone who had contracted the disease. Now I do. More frequently I find myself writing condolence letters to friends who have lost spouses or parents or siblings.

Last week in USA, reported deaths per day ticked up to over 3,000.

I write all this in response to "How dangerous can a virus be ...?"
Take care, take care of others, have a good holiday. We will get through this together.

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