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Originally Posted by TimeToGoHiking View Post
He did say though that during the winter he thinks that the snow cats will have no trouble making a snow bridge to cross the river and had no problems with that.

Another thing that he mentioned is that they they were in consultation with one of the hiking clubs and if they raise the money for a foot bridge that the logging company would build it. He could not remember the clubs names and I did not ask about how much would be needed.
The question isn't whether or not they are able to make a snow bridge through the creek, they certainly do have the ability to do so with their equipment, but whether or not they have permission to do so by MFLNR and MOE. You can get further information by contacting FrontCounterBC at 1-877-855-3222. In some situations one has only give notice they will be building a snow bridge across a creek, or river, and in other situations there is a lot of paper work involved.

I think the club that the gentleman may have been referring to is the FMCBC.
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