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Default Recommendations for replacing big 3 gear items

I wrote a longer post but figured it wouldn’t get read so here’s a short version.

My big 3 are 6.1kg (13.5lbs) and I figure I can get it down to 2.5-3kg (5.5-6.5lbs) if I replace my old gear.
What would you suggest if purchasing a new tent, sleeping bag, and pack?

Use case: 4-6 day hikes in Canadian Rockies, mostly summer, some late spring / early fall.
Notes: 1) Tent should be able to fit 2 people when necessary. 2) I’m not going to be fully ultralight, the pack needs to be able to support 35+lbs for longer trips. 3) Price range around $1000(US) for all three.

I would love specific gear recommendations or general advice, such as:

Tent - Freestanding or time to move on to hiking pole or even tarp setup? Will those be comfortable?

Pack - How much less comfortable would a frameless pack be?

Sleeping bag - Advice when switching to a down bag? Is a quilt a better option? How about using a liner and getting a lighter bag? What temperature rating can I get away with?

I figure the big 3 is the best way to reduce weight but happy to get suggestions on lightweight warm layers, rain gear, socks, footwear and food.
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