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Originally Posted by tricouni View Post
PulpFiction Books in Vancouver has a copy. The book is getting quite scarce. See Probably best to call the Main Street Store.
Thank you I will give them a try tomorrow! I do want the book but I'm not paying $170 for it haha.

There doesn't seem to be any other real resources for scrambling in any organized way that I can find and this book is all anyone seems to talk about. Steven Songs website is the best I've come across but it's not really organized in any way that makes it easy to find what is beginner/intermediate/hard.

So far my experience with scrambling has been whenever a hike I've wanted to do anyway has involved scrambling, like Crown Mountain, Lady Peak, Brunswick, MacFarlane, Black Tusk etc. but I want to now focus on scrambling over hiking as I feel it is more fulfilling.
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