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Originally Posted by CEB View Post
I think youíre thinking of a different jacket (maybe the OR Helium??). The Patagonia Houdini is around 105-115gr. I have 2 and got the last one on sale for $80. I absolutely love it. I wear it as a wind jacket, bug or sun protection and even as a rain jacket in light rain as it keeps me just warm enough but not clammy, like you mentioned Rain Jackets do when hiking in. Once it stops raining my body heat dries it out really fast. Itís one of my favourite pieces of gear. I carry one in my hiking bag and one in my bike bag
I was just referencing the weight of the Squamish, which is on the high side of wind jackets. Helium is a rain jacket. I agree that the Houdini is a great jacket.
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