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Originally Posted by hikerguy View Post
Here’s a cheap and simple security solution for the Sea to Sky Gondola Management to consider when their up and running again...keep the line and a few cars moving throughout the night. Pretty difficult to cut a moving cable I would think, and the cost of the electricity to accomplish this would be relatively cheap compared to a bunch of new cars and cable. Your welcome.

Don't know if that would work. Half of Squamish would start complaining for one reason or the other ("I can hear it, it won't let me sleep"); then environmental uproar for wasting energy. Then larger equipment wear and tear. Then more night shift personnel. Then ... At the end someone would find a way around -- i.e one person cuts the power, other goes and cuts the cable, synchronized. No, they need to catch this guy who did it 2 years in a row, then beef up real security, because whatever they had prob. didn't amount to more than cameras mounted on towers - all they have now is shot of unrecognizable shadow that did stealth up-cut-down before you can say Sea-to-Sky.
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