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Default Roe Creek FSR Cabin Barricaded

Long story short, there were recently several large boulders placed in the driveway of this rustic cabin to prevent people from using it. People who access Cypress Peak and Brew Lake will know this cabin well. On a hunch, I contacted Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply (604-435-4842‬) today who have several mineral claims (rock harvesting) in the area but not under this cabin and spoke with Bob Tiller (Manager). He said they put the boulders there and has every right to do so under their mineral claim in order to protect their claims. He asked me if I owned the cabin, which I don’t, and neither does Mr Tilller. I have contacted Squamish MFLNR and the local Inspector of Mines Permitting regarding this issue and am waiting for a reply from the Inspector. What will this company do next...install a gate above Lucille Lake to keep everyone out of Roe Creek?
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