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Originally Posted by John and Katie View Post
It's crazy how quickly one can go from a strong, confident and vibrant little girl to a fragile state. It's like she aged 4 years in a blink of an eye.
Katie has suddenly come down with Vestibular Disease. Wednesday afternoon walk and she was her typical self. About 2 hours later my mom texts me that there was something wrong with Katie. I went over and it was evident that she needed to see a vet asap. Stumbling, falling over, wobbly head, and confused.
Thinking she may have ingested something on that afternoon walk, they flushed her system, tested her blood and put her on iv fluids. They couldn't get a urine sample. Nothing indicated toxins so far. She would stay the night on iv and they would try again for a urine sample.
Picked her up yesterday morning and no change, but she now had a head tilt to one side and her eyes were flickering from side to side. They suggested that it could be Vestibular Disease and to take her to her regular vet asap for further care.
Her vet feels certain it is a mild case of Vestibular and she should be noticeably better in 4-5 days. Apparently they are not sure what causes it, but can be common in older dogs.
Hey John, sorry to hear about Katie. Skeena went through the exact same thing this summer (she's getting close to 15 years). The vet also said it was vestibular disease and recommended that we not aid Skeena too much, to let her re-learn her center of gravity, balance, etc. Within 2 weeks she was back to her normal self (head tilt, flickering eyes cleared too). I'm confident Katie will be fine. She's a tough girl!
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