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Itís hard to get your weight down until you start looking at everything in your bag as each weighing something so that you can decide about what youíre willing to go without (the easiest and cheapest way to reduce weight) or where itís worth spending money on buying something that is lighter. Alot of backpackers buy a little scale and use . Itís a bit of work getting everything in the first time, but definitely eye opening. For example, This is my Rockwall list (that, due to life I didnít get to do again this year) I added a couple of things to it to get a sense of how I even weight out options. I have 2 REI bags so, depending on weather/time on trail, I sometimes take my lighter one which has lost down/loft over time so isnít as warm as my heavier one (it also packs a lot smaller- another consideration in getting pack weight down). I also have 2 tents, one that Iíve yet to use. I did an estimate on how much it might cost if I could get my weight down even more and those last few pounds are the expensive ones as theyíre the main items. It was ~$1000/pd so not going to happen. Also, ultralight items are usually more fragile so you have to think about how that works for you. My GhostW is treated with care and only used for backpacking has the Micropuff (synthetic option) on sale right now for half price $157 hereís a review that Iíd trust

one more thing to my lengthy post: body weight matter too, if thereís any weight to lose than that counts for a lot as well- youíre still dragging it all up the mountain.

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