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FYI- my (small size) Ghost Whisperer weighs 6oz and my Paradox weighs 11. My paradox has a hood though. I donít think you can lose by buying the Costco jacket because itís a really good wear anywhere jacket, you just might find itís not as light/warm/responsibly sourced? as some of the more expensive ones. If they have the Eddie Bauer ones again, I think they might be higher down and the same weight/lighter.

I agree with replacing older items with lighter (albeit often more expensive) items. While itís easy to think about saving money if you end up buying items a few times to get to the lighter weight version eventually it would just have made sense to start with the more expensive item in the first place. Although I have spares to lend now So long as you know ahead of time what youíre thinking of buying you can always watch for sales, used items, etc. Iíve done fairly well with some of that.

For Canada hiking I can get my baseweight down to ~15 but Iím having a tough time getting much below that. With my comfort items (chair, better jackets, warmer sleeping bag) Iím usually looking at 17lbs. Darn electronics and Bear Spray/canister make up a lot of weight. Fortunately I like Ichiban and Iíve stopped carrying too much food and carry only what water is reasonable, so I can keep things around 20-23 pds total for a long weekend hike.
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