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Default Corona virus

Hopefully its safe to discuss this here.
How is everyone doing with this pandemic? My family (so far) has been able to avoid it and we are a fairly big group. I noticed in the paper the other day that the majority of cases are in Surrey and Abbotsford luckily I'm not near those!
Does anyone have any experience with this disease and I'm not talking the friend of a friend kinda thing, but actual first hand experience. I'd be interested in hearing your story. Theres so many differing opinions about the severity of it, some say that its no worse than a flu, others say its more like every flu you've ever had all at once.
BC's numbers keep going up after we were so good about keeping them low. Now, theres over 100 cases per day for the past few weeks.

Anybody worried? Terrified? Apathetic?

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