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Headed out two weekends ago to do the Molar Pass Loop.



Day 1: Trailhead to Mosquito Creek CG (5.2km, 200m elev gain)
Day 2: Mosquito Creek CG to Molar Creek CG (28km, 820m elev gain, 925m loss). Likely more like 32-34km with all the bushwacking and trail finding...
Day 3: Molar Creek CG to Trailhead (18km, 495m elev gain, 560m loss)

Absolutely beautiful area but for about 15km inbetween Fish Lakes and Molar Creek, the trail was utterly savage: Thick, overgrown willows, disappearing trail, creek / river crossings, bushwacking, and trailfinding. Didn't help that the mosquitos and blackflies were relentless either. The Gaia and Caltopo GPS tracks are but a mere guide showing you the general direction you are going.

Took about an hour of bushwacking to find the Molar Creek campsite. Barely got set up before a thunderstorm rolled in. I thought I was being sly, I had heard the GPS location was not accurate so I took the coordinates off of Parks Canada's website which was about .5km south of the actual location. For anyone headed out that way, the actual coordinates are lat/long: 51.58842, -116.20174.

Overall, it was a great, challenging hike with some incredible alpine views but I'll probably never do the back section between Fish Lakes and Molar Creek again. Once is enough haha.

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