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Yes the picture with the tarn I think is what it is described in the route description from DOn Mcpherson as Goat Oasis, and it is before you reach the ridge proper of Eagle ridge. It is right after you do the first "peak" going up that west ridge and before get to the top around and turn south. Most of the pictures there are from Granite falls, which was an amazing area, I chose to go climb them instead of going through the forest as was a bit tired of bushes and trees and was amazing, although definitely only doable on a dry day.

The picture looking down at that lake must be a bit before GOat Oasis or just after, and shows the WIgham Inn in low tide (how I wouldve liked to cross it), and there is another one taken 100m north of wigham INn when I crossed it, that area as you can see on the previous picture is just a walk on low(ish)tide. I think the selfie in the lake is fanning lake and the sunrise pictures were taken on the ridge from BIshop to Presbyter probably. There are a bunch of videos on the FB group.

@russell THanks for the kind words and for uploading the pictures, hopefully we can meet in the mountains this summer as well!

I made the strava track public in case anyone wants to explore the area.
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