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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
I see. Can't say its surprising. Interesting is response to penalty question:
In reality this means you can go without pass. First no way this can effectively be policed, even with enough resources, second 'focus on education' comment. Also "we continue to ask non-residents to visit BC Parks another time"
Yes, the parks ranger at Cypress said similar things. For the moment it's an attempt to 'educate'. That said, if they tried to enforce this it would require major resources. BC Parks is quite thinly staffed as is. I don't know how this will work out.

As for AB plates and negative reaction, I haven't seen much of that on the island or the coast. In the Okanagan there certainly have been more troubling incidents. In the east Kootenay things have been ok but Albertans contribute very heavily to the BC East Kootenay economy.

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