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Originally Posted by howesthehike View Post
Thanks man. Apologies on the mixup I was not quite myself on this trip obviously. And yes it was way too early this year no question. But you know when your book planes and have a plan you look for a plan B or C and adjust from there. I keep threatening to move the Canmore and opening up another family bakery so perhaps I値l be much more in the know as a local when that happens. Ha ha!

I知 fully recovered it was my IT band again and I知 about to do a quick two or three day hike in Fundy national Park just to make sure I知 good. I will be back out in August but I think I知 going to head up to the Willmore wilderness area and hard scrabble pass OR do around Southesk lake. I知 not sure yet I知 just gonna wait and see what the conditions are like and pick something remote. I really want to get out there away from the crowds.

Yeah and when I wrenched my knee I knew the conditions were not gonna be good. In fact when Marty's video comes out I think we will see some serious crap over Pipestone pass and down to Devon lakes etc...

Seeing snow just up the trail from mosquito Creek campsite helped me make my decision not to carry on with my injury because I knew that the further we got up the alpine the worse it was going to be.

As always I think this is the best hiking forum on the Internet and I appreciate all of the advice you guys have given me over the years.


Glad you recovered. There is real passion in you for the outdoors in you & I really think you need to cross the next step. Watching your terrific videos and seeing you going "ahhh" and "ohhh" when you see some peak from valley bottom, I just can't help thinking how much much much more you can have. For example, South Boundary is epic and all that, but in many respects a waste of time from scenery perspective; 7-10 days for Cairn Pass (where it rained for you), Brazeau Lake and Nigel Pass?? Way too little! Patton&Robinson book I think you are basing your trips on is legend, but just a tip of the iceberg. There are so many other places you can spend entire day after day in the alpine without seeing anyone. It's all right there for someone with your backpacking skills I wish I had.

Looking forward to learn how was the next hike

(Btw, Canmore bakeries suck *hint, hint*)

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