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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
While this is feasible in terms of distance I'd consider it way too rushed for single day. There are so many candies on HF to TC part, incl. probably nicest alpine meadow I've ever seen at Rockwall Pass and then Wolverine Pass with log cabin you just need to stop by

I strongly recommend 2 nites & HF. Explore Goodsir Pass with light pack at leisure, don't just run out-and-back as fast as you can knowing you have hike with full pack waiting in PM. You can also spend few hours at HF by exploring base of the Falls. Then tomorrow full day to enjoy without rush on HF to TC crossover.

Rest looks good
Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about it but there's no availability at TC for the third night. So we will either do the 2-night itinerary above or do the whole trail including the TC-->Numa-->Floe Lake portion. I don't think doing HF-->GSP-->HF + HF-->TC in one day will be too bad, we've got ultralight gear and are pretty used to 20-30km days with lots of elevation changes. If a cancellation makes TC available we'll switch the itinerary up to your suggestion.
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