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Default Gear for Cape Scott

I'm looking at backpacking in Cape Scott either this summer or fall. Probably spending a couple of nights at Nel's Bight. I'm not sure if I have the right equipment for this trip though. I have a decent gore-tex jacket (Arcteryx Beta AR) and some gore-tex hiking boots. I usually prefer to hike in runners though to avoid blisters. I don't have rain pants. I have a good tent. Is the general idea that boots are needed for the hike to the coastline and then can maybe be swapped for a pair of runners? Or, can two pair of runners be used instead? Is it advisable to bring a pair of rain pants, and if so, should they be breathable? If I'm just wearing them around the campsite, cheaper pants should be ok? Lastly, is it advisable to bring a tarp - perhaps to make a shelter for cooking etc?

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