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Hey @tism, just wanted to say thanks for posting... Did a quick canoe-powered overnight to Raven Creek with my wife and daughter on the weekend and your recent intel was quite helpful. Much appreciated!

The water levels are indeed pretty high; the only sign we saw of a beach was a few fire rings we paddled over on our way out.

It was quiet Saturday, maybe the rains earlier in the week deterred other would-be campers. The bugs were out though, whew! We had a brief visit Sunday morning from some friendly canoeists who turned out to be members here as well, very nice folks.

The trip back on Sunday was a bit taxing—we left a little later than we'd planned (we're working on it!), right around when the tide started coming in, and there was a decent wind blowing from the south too. All that was manageable, if a bit slow... the real challenge was that we seemed to hit rush hour on Sunday afternoon, with dozens of motor boats commuting back to the dock or marina as we paddled to the put-out. Traffic was particularly hairy as we passed through the channel on the east side. We kept our wits about us and made it back without incident, but we were pretty tired by the end of the day. Think we'd better time it differently next time out.

Anyway, it was a very nice trip. Thanks again for the recent report, and thanks also to those who reported earlier trips where they got stuck on the sandbar! Very helpful.
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