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Originally Posted by howesthehike View Post
Awesome post. Heading out there this week. How far downstream is the beaver dam? We encountered that deep spot with no bridge late last summer heading into the NBT - but waded. (we were running very late due to cars dropped at Mt. Robson) Not interested in wading if I can avoid it this time!!

The beaver dam downstream is not far off the trail at all. I had a big snow drift to go through which made it more difficult. On my return I crossed on the much bigger beaver dam upstream, again not verY far from the trail, which was considerably easier. Iím not sure what those dams will look like at the moment because of the flooding going on, but if you can, take the larger upstream crossing. You may even be able to cross where the old bridge was because the flooding may have wiped away the lower dam. Rock Creek could also be a challenge during high water.
I hope that you and Marty have a good time.
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