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Default Pitt Lake Update - June 2020

This thread was the first thing that came up when I googled kayak camping on Pitt Lake so thought I would provide a few updates from a recent overnight on Pitt Lake.

***Edit - Boat launch access has been restored ***
September 4, 2020: Boat launch access appears to be restored according to reports on the web. I have left my original post below in case you want an alternative launch site or the access is restricted again for some reason.

***original post follows***

Boat Launch Access
As of May 2020, the boat launch at Grant Narrows Regional Park is closed for public access. It might be possible to park your car at the gate and walk but I wouldn't recommend it. An alternative is drive about 1 km back along Rennie Road to a trail head for the dyke walk. There is a gate across the path to stop cars, but it is open for pedestrians. About 50 metres in you will see some steps down to the water. From there you can launch your kayak and head out to the river. It does add a bit of distance to your paddle up the lake (maybe 20 minutes to get to the original boat launch site). Here's a map pin coordinates for the trail head: 49.333189, -122.641749

Here's a picture of the launch site:
Click image for larger version

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Raven Creek Campsite
The campsite at Raven Creek looked good. I didn't stay there but decided to check it out and stretch my legs. There's a few small sites, a pit toilet and access to the creek for drinking water. I would guess it's about 9 km from the boat launch (11 km from the Dyke walk launch site) to Raven Creek. Here's the location coordinates: 49.398883,-122.531552
Raven Creek Campsite pics:
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Osprey Creek Campsite
I stayed at Osprey South and the setup was much the same as Raven Creek...a pit toilet, several small sites to camp and all of them right on the lake. Since I was in late June, and it's been pretty wet, the water level was pretty high. Even at low tide there was not a lot of beach to see. I found the campsite well protected from the wind and the view up and down the lake was fantastic.

The North camp site looked just as good - I chose south just real reason. Perhaps the biggest benefit to Osprey North is the creek (aka fresh water) was close by. Didn't really see the creek from the south campsite. Compared to the photos at the start of this thread I would say that it's a little more bushy than in 2004. Nonetheless it's a nice spot.

Map coordinates for Osprey Creek South Campsite: 49.467077, -122.514594
Pics from Osprey Creek:
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Distance and time
You can plot out some distances on google maps and obviously the time it takes is very subjective based on your paddling ability, how you like to travel, current and conditions as well as your route so take this with a big grain of salt. I found that from the Pitt River launching spot to Raven Creek was about 2 1/2 hours and then another 2 hours to Osprey. I had very flat conditions and no wind so it was smooth paddling. I did follow the east side of the lake going north as I wasn't sure how deep the water would be outside of the main channel.

Water depth / Main channel
Speaking of water depth, I did come back the West side of the lake and ended up going straight and crossed over the shallow parts of the lake. At this point I had a good read on the tides (I had observed the height change at my campsite) and I could see the water level was quite high on the banks of the lake. I did a few spot checks and it was about 5 ft deep when I could see the bottom (I just shoved my paddle straight down until it touched). Overall I would use caution here though as if it is low tide I suspect you could bottom out, and the sands may shift over time so take my experience as you will.

Boat traffic
I suspect due to the boat launch being closed that traffic is way down. This was my first time so I can't really compare. I didn't see another kayak or canoe the whole two days and just a handful of boats. Of course it also helped that I went on a Monday/Tuesday.

Overall I found this to be a great overnight getaway that is an easy drive from most places in the lower mainland.
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