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I'm not a BC resident and got an email stating that Discover Parks is limiting access to local residents for summer 2020. I had to cancel my reservation before June 15th to receive a full refund. I understand, it's just pandemic life.

Here's where I learned a bit about why the site is a dumpster fire. The gov't sold or contracted out park management (website, phone support, reservations, payments etc) to a private entity called USC Direct. USC paid the gov't for any reservations made prior to Nov 1 2019. Thus, USC does not have the ability to refund original payment methods. They don't have that money, Ministry of Finance has it. USC essentially cancelled each reservation in their system and sent a corresponding refund request to Ministry of Finance. Each site must be refunded separately so I've got 8 little gov't refund checks in CAD coming in the mail over the next 7 ish weeks.

The new website is so difficult to navigate and unreliable that I wish I could have just rolled my reservation over to 2021. Even without COVID restrictions, I have no confidence I'll be able to book sites next year.

I understand things change but I wish the new company would just use the old site. Whoever scrapped it wasted money. It's disheartening to hear they're potentially letting employees and vendors snag sites and resell as well.

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