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Originally Posted by BCbear View Post
I hope I can explain my question clearly.

I have two compasses 1) Suunto M3 and 2) a just donated older, but still in the package Brunton TruArc 10 (has a global needle). Both compasses have the adjustable declination feature. When both are set to ZERO the Suunto's housing dial (with orienting arrow set to NORTH) also shows 0 degrees, but on the Brunton housing dial shows 334 degrees. There has to be an issue with the Brunton, correct?

Thanks for any assistance.

I can't tell IF in the one pic that the two compasses are immediately besides each other. IF that's true then that most likely is introducing an error. Regardless, monitor each compass at a time. It matters not what either compass bezel(adjustable ring) is set to nor the declination. The needles in spite of adjustments should be pointing in the same direction. Go outside and place compass on a flat surface and ideally on a white sheet of paper. Be sure that no metal objects are in the immediate vicinity. Mark on that paper what direction the needle is pointing to. Then do the same for the next one. Both compasses should be identical, or almost identical no question. IF not then find a third compass if need be. Wherever you are on the planet you should have a good idea of where magnetic north is and consequently the direction a compass needle should be properly pointing. See: I hope this helps

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