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Originally Posted by Ni Jin View Post
Zeljkok, the direct route looks much steeper than Grouse Grind isn't it? (~1.7xGG elevation)
Agree with you the full ridge traverse is the best deal(only 10km).

Grind is different because it's all stairs. But yes, it's steep. I went once up Grotto direct route & it's not that bad. But "Cougar Ridge" (as per my website, explored way before it made it to Kane book) is prob. best way up because it is still relatively unknown and not eroded + it has some real nice views into the Cougar & even bit of real scrambling.

Re views -- agreed, the higher you go usually the better they are. And regardless of "stare at highway and industry" opinions, views south across Bow Valley are quite special. Tons of peaks, 3 Sisters dominating the horizon. Great treat for out of town visitor. If Highway bothers you, just don't look down.

btw fresh snow everywhere. EEOR is all white.
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