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Originally Posted by Kokanee75 View Post
I donít know about conditions now e.g. for Helena Ridge East and how the hike unfolds without or not a lot of snow but it has a relatively low effort (boring in the beginning) Ė high scenery ratio (at the end) and is okay in winter, chose your route with open eyes.

Helena East would be really bad idea right now. Tons of wallowing in wet and non-supportive snow. This is March timeframe trip, not now. It is also quite overrated; scenery is ok but at the end only. I went there just before COVID & only if you continue along open ridgeline system east whole slog makes sense.


And I would assume that itís okay to stroll around Lake Agnes in a week, check when you are there. This time of the year a lot of people don't think about avalanche for this common easy lake hike, on the other hand I have the impression that these warnings are a bit exaggerated here and there but even the parks say "caution", not not recommended at the moment, maybe because the teahouse is now open ) - I also saw a post, I guess the guy stood on a Beehive. Still snow but doable with microspikes. Grizzly mom with a cub around.

Agree with Parks generally exaggerating avalanche but this is understandable in tourist heavy areas, louise in particular. It is the moats, weakening snow bridges etc. that are problem now if you go further up from Agnes. I looked at Niblock slope the other day and it's all white, same with St. Piran and even Fairview. Basically not in season.

Best trip in Louise area right now is cycling Moraine road. I am hoping for sunny day before they re-open the road for vehicle traffic
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