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I would only do Aylmer Lookout as an overnight trip. Itís nice but not an overly exciting hike I would say, especially when looking at your initial plans.

(People go up EEOR already)

With regards of scenery I would still look around at Lake Louise. I donít know about conditions now e.g. for Helena Ridge East and how the hike unfolds without or not a lot of snow but it has a relatively low effort (boring in the beginning) Ė high scenery ratio (at the end) and is okay in winter, chose your route with open eyes.

And I would assume that itís okay to stroll around Lake Agnes in a week, check when you are there. This time of the year a lot of people don't think about avalanche for this common easy lake hike, on the other hand I have the impression that these warnings are a bit exaggerated here and there but even the parks say "caution", not not recommended at the moment, maybe because the teahouse is now open ) - I also saw a post, I guess the guy stood on a Beehive. Still snow but doable with microspikes. Grizzly mom with a cub around.

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