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Wow that's so cool! I read about you guys ambitious plan of building/connecting trails from GE all the way to Squamish. Not sure if this already exits.
You just helped connect the dots for me as I also have faint memory of the story I read sometime ago, about the GPS apps coming out just before someone got his guidebook out - did you make the book anyway?

No wonder your TRs come with such high quality- all so beautifully written, with beautiful photography. They are a great source of inspiration & information for me to find my next adventures. Always appreciated your work. BTW, it was your TR that led me to Bishop the first time last year, thanks.

Here is for my up coming trip (may have to pick two of them):
1) Aylmer Lookout(got your GPS track, thanks
Were you alluding to grizzlies being already out? Is it going to be busy in a week?
Walking on the 16km flat could be a bit chalenging- for some reason it's harder on my feet to walk on the flat than on the hill.

2) Grotto

3) EEOR & Rundle Ridge

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