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Originally Posted by dpdp View Post
I'm trying to find a good trail for 4-5 days of hiking at the end of August. Berg Lake and Rockwall are booked up at the moment, unfortunately it seems that my plan of Aster Lake - N/S Kananaskis passes loop is too.
Can anyone suggest a comparable hike that is either not booked up yet, in BC parks and doesn't need to be booked, or random camping?

One possibility I've been thinking of is Tangle - Beauty Lakes - Cataract / Cline but I'm not sure I'm confident enough in my own abilities, and may have a friend who wants to stay on a trail coming with me. I also think I'd prefer something closer to Banff this year, but I'm less familiar with that area...
We did a 3-day trip out to Elk Lakes year before last, which you could easily extend to 4-5 days. I'd hike into Petain Creek the first day and check out the falls. For the second day, head up to Petain Basin (note there are no facilities up there) and stay there for a couple days (lots of options to explore in just about any direction). Then hike out the last day. No permits or reservations needed
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