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Thanks & what at a stunning photo!! Now I may have to change plan again, to stay for 2 days & get this lookout (Mt Aylmer also on list-to-do but obvious not this time) & Grotto (or Lady Macdonald), as it's hard to pick one of them. Both Grotto/Lady Mac look very much the same distance/elevation profile as Mt Bishop(remember that steep scrambly Vicar trail?;-) except anything in Banff is 1000m+ higher!

BTW, someone just went up Ruddle 2 days ago-
Wouldn't it be better to have snow cover the screes that I heard could be moving under your feet in summer on some of those mountains?
Hopefully I'd be able to make it back later this year for Temple & more.
If you ever come my way I'd be happy to show you some of the best kept secrets in north shore, though they are just little forest bumps compared to Rockies

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