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Originally Posted by wojtek View Post
Visited Golden Ears today with the idea of trying My Nutt. That was impossible - whole North section of the park was closed. Not sure if they initially allowed some cars in and then closed it - was at the boat launch turn off at 9:30am - so if you do try it on a nice weekend day I'd suggest being at the gate at 7 and having a plan B. In any case do not trust info on the park website which basically says the playgrounds are closed - but nothing like this.

Went up Alouette Mountain trail instead starting at the Incline Trail. A lot of parked cars but not many parties on the trail - maybe met 10 other parties whole day. Didn't make it all the way to the summit. Went via the section of the trail through old growth near Beautiful Lake. Lovely forest there but trail muddy and falling behind in maintenance (e.g. rotted out walkways/bridges). Had to turn around roughly 3km from the summit at ~900m asl due to time of day and increasing snow coverage. Went down via helipad. That section is much better - but forest there definitely less interesting. If you are looking for faster access to Alouette from the south this is definitely it.
On their social media they stated that they will allow 100 cars to park at the east canyon lot then close it. They will also close the park after 700 cars enter the park in total and allow 50 more in for every 50 that leave. So yes be there are early as possible if you plan to do something out of the East canyon lot. There is a connector trail from the West canyon lot to the East canyon lot if you can still get access to that one if the East is closed. I am not sure where they put up the road block to close the East canyon lot.
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