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Just an update on this, I have been in touch with the guys at Air Nootka and Nature trek, and they noted that there is a way around the washout, and that several groups have successfully navigated it this way without any issues.

Continue on logging road. About 400 meters before the washout there is a big shed on the right-hand side (good for shelter) and just before that a spur road to the left that leads to an old dilapidated shed. Get on that spur road but walk PAST the shed to an open clearing with big logs arranged on the ground. To the right, a side trail veers off into the woods into openings into the alders. These openings connect to the beach. Again, common sense should lead you along those overgrown paths to the coast. Should be no more than 5 minutes from the road.

They had also mentioned that they would try to get out there to flag it as well.

Hope this helps those that will be hiking the trail this year.

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